Contents: Volume 11 Number 1 (2022)

ERSC April 2022 Vol 11 No 1
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Editorial: April 2022 Vol. 11 No.1 Breaking Free: Addressing Gender and Sexual Diversity in Communities Through Transdisciplinary Education
Mathabo Khau

A Scoping Review of Learners’ Perceptions on What Influences Teachers’ Approaches to Teaching Comprehensive Sexuality Education in South African School
Jace Pillay

Challenging Gender Certainties in Early Childhood Care and Education: A Participatory Action Learning and Action Research Study
Ashnie Mahadew and Dipane Hlalele

Teaching for Comfort or Diversity in Comprehensive Sexuality Education Classrooms? Third-Year Student Teachers’ Perspectives
Mathabo Khau

Treatment of Gender-Nonconforming Learners in Namibian Schools
Rauna Keshemunhu Haitembu and Rouaan Maarman

I’m a “Savage”: Exploring Megan Thee Stallion’s Use of the Politics of Articulation to Subvert the Androcentric Discourses of Women in Hip Hop Culture
Azra Rajah

Rethinking Constructions of Difference: Lessons from Lesotho’s Chief Mohlomi’s Activism against the Gendering of Witchcraft
Khali Mofuoa and Mathabo Khau

Book Review April 2022 Vol. 11 No. 1 Women and fairness: Navigating an unfair world, edited by Eva Lambertsson Björk, Jutta Eschenbach, and Johanna M. Wagner
Mathabo Khau

Conference Report April 2022 Vol. 11 No. 11: Conference Report 91 Vitalizing Partnerships: Moving Forward to a Sustainable Future, SANORD 2021 Digital Conference
Mathabo Khau