Contents: Volume 9 Number 2 (2020)

ERSC Vol 9 No. 2 All articles in one edition September 2020
All articles in one

Editorial: ERSC Vol. 9 No.2 2020
Lesley Wood

Justifying Research as Conscious Intervention in Social and Educational Life: Activating Transformative Potential
Norma R. A. Romm

Queering Teacher Education Through Intergroup Dialogue
Anthony Brown

Building Academic Support in Preservice Teacher Education Using Peer Tutors: An Educational Action Research Project
Nadine Petersen, Vanessa Rademeyer and Sarita Ramsaroop

Exploring the Anticipated Career Aspirations of Youth in a Rural Secondary School: A Visual Participatory Approach
Andre du Plessis and Leila Ahmed

Using Collages to Change School Governing Body Perceptions of Male Foundation Phase
Obakeng Kagola and Mathabo Khau

Considering Craft- and Arts-Based Practitioner Inquiry Activities as a Prompt for Transforming Practice
Margie Childs, Tobeka Mapasa and Marina Ward

Decolonial Reflections on the Zimbabwean Primary and Secondary School Curriculum Reform Journey
John Bhurekeni

Book Review: Action Learning and Action Research: Genres and Approaches by Ortrun Zuber-Skerritt and Lesley Wood (Eds.)
Motsélisi Lilian Malebese

Project Report: Restorative Discipline Practices: An Action Research Project in Zimbabwean Primary Schools
Evernice Netsai Chiramba and Geoff Harris