Contents: Volume 4 Number 1 (2015)

Editorial Vol 4 No1 April 2015
Lesley Wood Laetitia Greyling Petrusa du Toit (Guest Editors)

ERSC Vol 4 No 1 April 2015 ALL Articles
All Authors in One Edition

Participatory Action Learning and Action Research (PALAR) for Community Engagement: A Theoretical Framework
Ortrun Zuber-Skerritt

Challenges for Community Engagement: An Australian Perspective
Judith Kearney

A Hopeful Participatory Engagement with Rural South African Children
Avivit M. Cherrington

Exploring Experiences of Preservice Teachers in Community Engagement: Let Us Work in Communities!
Hanlie Dippenaar, Salome Human-Vogel & Mike van der Linde

Developing Academic and Community Research Participation in a South African Township and Rural Community
Omar Esau

Reflecting on Reflecting: Fostering Student Capacity for Critical Reflection in an Action Research Project
Lesley Wood, Audrey Seobi, Rubina Setlhare-Meltor & Rod Waddington

Book review: The Community Development Profession: Issues, Concepts and Approaches
Vimbiso Okafor

Report: Connecting Researchers, Connecting Communities—CARN Conference, 2014
Farah Hendricks