Contents: Volume 8 Number 1 (2019)

Editorial: “Not Just an Object”: Making Meaning of and From Everyday Objects in ERSC
Daisy Pillay, Kathleen Pithouse-Morgan, and Inbanathan Naicker

Rudy and Me: A Man and Dog’s Joint Exploration of Their Neighbourhood and Implications for the Transformation of Schooling and Education Research
James A. Bernauer

The Map as Object: Working Beyond Bounded Realities and Mapping for Social Change
Jayna McQueen Baker Gabriel Huddleston Erin Atwood

Ensembles of Life: Developing an Affirmative and Intensive Concept in Educational Researc
Susan Naomi Nordstrom

Using Photographs as Memory Prompt Objects: Influencing Pre-Service Language Teachers To Recognise Reading as a Driver of Social Change
Bridget Campbell and Bonakele Mhlongo

Inside a Box: Using Objects To Collaboratively Narrate Educator Experiences of Transformation in Higher Education
Marguerite Müller

Enriching Teaching Through Artefacts: An Early Childhood Mathematics Teacher Educator’s Self-Study Project
Makie Kortjass

The Agentic Capacities of Mundane Objects for Educational Equity: Narratives of Material Entanglements in a Culturally Diverse Urban Classroom
Adrian D. Martin

Curating Provocative Engagements with Assessment in Education: A Mysterious Thing
Vonzell Agosto, Jennifer R. Wolgemuth, Stephanie Green, Aimee Frier, Sujay Sabnis, Michael W. Riley

Hawks, Robots, and Chalkings: Unexpected Object Encounters During Walking Interviews on a College Campus
Maureen A. Flint

Book Report: Object Medleys: Interpretive Possibilities for Educational Research by D. Pillay, K. Pithouse Morgan, and I Naicker (Eds.).
Logamurthie Athiemoolam

Report: Education 01? In Search of a New Operating System: Making Education More Relevant, Responsive and Authentic
Nosipho Mbatha