Contents: Volume 2 Number 1 (2013)

ERSC Vol 2 No 1 April 2013 ALL Articles
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Editorial Vol 2 No 1: Information and Communication Technologies and Educational Change
Andre du Plessis

Systems Thinking and Technology Integration as Catalysts for School Change in High Need Schools
Anthony Chow, Kimberley Hewitt, and Holly Downs

Mobile Instant Messaging (MIM) Applications to Assist Learning in South Africa
Jean Greyling, Melisa Koorsse, Tawanda Ngundu and Michael Kyazze

Pre-service Primary Teachers’ Use of iPads to Support Teaching: Implications for Teacher Education
Damian Maher

The Influencers of Scholars’ ICT Career Choices
Andre Calitz, Jean Greyling and Margaret Cullen

Pedagogic Strategies to Support Learning Design Thinking in a Masters Course
Cheryl Hodgkinson-Williams and Andrew Deacon

Exploring Flexible e-Learning Options in a Postgraduate Project Management Course
Claire Donald and Garry Miller

How Physics Teaching is Presented on YouTube Videos
Peter Gustafsson

BOOK REVIEW: Your guide to case study research
Inbanathan Naicker

REPORT: Annual ASCILITE Conference, 2012
Andre du Plessis