Contents: Volume 7 Special Edition (2018)

ERSC Vol 7 No 0 Special Edition June 2018 All articles in one
ERSC Vol 7 No 0 Special Edition June 2018 All articles in one

Editorial Spec Ed Vol. 7 No. 0 June 2018
Aslam Fataar

Teaching Ancient Egyptian Philosophy (Ethics) and History: Fulfilling a Quest for a Decolonised and Afrocentric Education
Simphiwe Sesanti

Ideology Critique as Decolonising Pedagogy: Urban Forced Removals as a Case Study
Noor Davids

Decolonising (Through) Inclusive Education?
Elizabeth Walton

Recognition as Reparation: A Participatory Approach to (Mis)recognition and Decolonisation in South African Higher Education
Talita Calitz

Decolonising Preservice Teachers’ Colonialist Thoughts in Higher Education Through Defamiliarisation as a Pedagogy
Zayd Waghid & Liesel Hibbert

Transformative Praxis Through Critical Consciousness: A Conceptual Exploration of a Decolonial Access With Success Agenda
P.B. Neo Maseko

South African Science Teachers’ Strategies for Integrating Indigenous and Western Knowledges in Their Classes: Practical Lessons in Decolonisation
Maren Seehawer

Book Report
Book Report

Conference Report: Education in an Era of Decolonisation and Transformation: SAERA Conference, 23–26 October, 2017
Jasmine Matope